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The Awra Amba Experience teacher’s guide

The Awra Amba Experience digital learning environment opens a door to Awra Amba, where users are able to explore the village and experience life in the community. 

The digital learning environment and the easily modifiable materials in the teacher’s guide make a unique learning experience possible in every classroom. The approach is holistic, fresh and contemporary, in the spirit of the village itself. 

The teacher’s guide makes it easy to bring Awra Amba into the school. The Awra Amba Experience has been designed by pedagogic experts in Finland and the United Kingdom to help teachers impart and foster knowledge and skills for 21st Century Learning. The guide also includes assessment material that helps the students to plan the learning process and to recognise learning. 

The Awra Amba Experience is more than an e-learning environment or a global education material package – it’s a flexible source of experiences and materials made by various experts, readily tailorable into an exciting field trip to a fascinating part of Northern Ethiopia.


What topics does The Awra Amba Experience cover?

The Awra Amba Experience is a great source for approaching a variety of different phenomena and themes from multiple perspectives. Awra Amba is a self-sustaining community that is a microcosm for a well functioning society, and this is vividly reflected through the digital learning environment, comprised of ten explorable interactive spaces, each associated with a different global theme. Awra Amba has its own schools, clinic, weaving factories, finance office, and an efficient democratic system for making important decisions.

The Awra Amba Experience and the accompanying learning materials are strongly linked to the following topics:

  • Society
  • Gender equality
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Decision-making
  • Africa




How can I use the teacher’s guide in my teaching?

The Awra Amba Experience teacher’s guide helps teachers to easily construct a suitable study unit according to the time they have available.

The guide contains eleven ready-to-use lesson plans, each titled by the core topic of the lesson. The activity instructions for the students are collected onto a slide show, so that the teacher can easily show the instructions to the students.

In addition, the materials in the guide include the film scripts with keywords associated with each film. This helps the teacher to prepare for the lesson without having to watch the films in advance.

The student self-assessment forms can be used before starting to work with The Awra Amba Experience and after the final lesson. The assessment is designed to help the student plan and prepare for the individual learning process, and to recognize and construct a better understanding of the process.

Wishing you an inspiring learning journey through Awra Amba!