Donation to Awra Amba’s new high school

05 Jul 2011, Posted by visitawraamba in Project update

We want to thank all the donors for their kind contributions via our IndieGoGo campaign towards the construction of a new high school in Awra Amba. We visited the community last week and hand-delivered the donation to Zumra Nuru and the community.

The new school, which has been named The New Vision School is well underway, with the Grade 9 building already completed, and the Science Laboratory and the Library half-completed. Foundations have already been laid for the Grade 10 building as well as the Administrative building. So far, all of this has been achieved through Awra Amba’s own investment.

CU of Zumra inside grade 9 with teachers in bkg - 500x333

Zumra Nuru, village founder, inside the completed grade 9 classroom 


Your donations will help them a little further along, but they still need to raise over £20,000 in order to complete the whole school.

We are also pleased to say that our new interactive documentary project is going into production in October thanks to support from Finland and the US. We will be posting updates on the progress regularly.

All the best from rainy London!



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