Melkam Gena!

07 Jan 2013, Posted by visitawraamba in Special message

elkam Gena to our Ethiopian friends and Happy New Year from all of us in the Awra Amba team! We hope it will be a joyful and prosperous one for all of you 🙂

To start off the new year, I would like to share a blog post that I wrote for the Doc Next Network on the introduction to Interactive Documentaries. If you have heard the term before but are still wondering exactly what it’s about, then in this blog post you can get more acquainted with this new exciting genre. Through examples of what’s currently out there I try to shed light on some of the current trends, producers, institutions, festivals, training opportunities and challenges around the world.

Later on this month, I will review a few of the new web tools that have been developed for interactive filmmakers. These web tools open up a whole new way to tell stories. They are also simple to use without any knowledge of design and code (well, almost!).

In my final blog post I will give an update on the Awra Amba Experience project, that has been in production for over a year now! So keep your ears and eyes peeled!

I would love to hear your feedback on these ramblings, so feel free to tweet it to me 🙂



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