Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb 2013, Posted by visitawraamba in Special message

appy Valentine’s Day! Today is all about remembering your friends, and showing love to one another! This is central to Awra Amba’s philosophy, and even if they might not celebrate it in Ethiopia today, we want to invite all our followers and friends to take a moment today to think about everyone in the world as their brothers and sisters. Please share the love today and do something nice for somebody!

I also want to share a blog post which concludes a series that I was asked to write for the Doc Next Network during January and February on the topic of interactive documentaries.

My final blog looks at social impact through documentaries, using the Awra Amba Experience as a case study. As you know, the project is still in production, so some of the ideas that I put forward are still in developement, and for this reason I welcome your feedback! If you’d like to give me feedback, or ask any questions, you can tweet them to me on @PaulinaTervo

You can read the blog post here:


Zuhone with husband

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